Intersection: Olympic Way West & Olympic Place

Diagram of current situation.

Diagram of current situation.

Location: Olympic Way West & West Olympic Place at 8th Ave W.

Type: Intersection renovation for safety.


Any pedestrian or cyclist traveling between Uptown and the west side of Queen Anne is likely to
encounter this intersection. With high motor vehicle speeds, missing sidewalks, poor visibility and
long crossing distances, this entire intersection is actively hostile to pedestrians. Persons pushing
strollers or using wheelchairs are forced to traverse two streets with rapidly moving traffic.
Furthermore, cyclists traveling along this route encounter sudden and dangerous pinch points in both

To improve safety for all road users, crosswalks and pedestrian refuges should be added at the very
least. A raised crosswalk across 8th Avenue West, a sidewalk on the south side of Olympic Way West
and improved access to Kinnear Park are further measures that would make this a safer roadway for

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