Trail: North Trail, Lower Kinnear Park

Trail - North Trail, Lower Kinnear Park


Location: Kinnear Park, connecting West Prospect St & West Roy St entrances.

Type: Trail redevelopment


The North Trail project already has strong support from FOLK, Feet First, and other organizations. It is currently in the early stages of a geotechincal feasibility study due to the steepness of the slopes. The trail would create a pedestrian and bike friendly connection through the park and avoid the not so pedestrian friendly W Mercer and Elliot Ave W. The proposed trail would pass by several viewpoints and provide ADA access from W. Roy St through Viewpoint G.

One thought on “Trail: North Trail, Lower Kinnear Park

  1. The surveying and geotec studies for this” bad idea on a highly sensitive slope” has already caused three significant land slides. Its not a good bike route anyway. Its just a way for some out of work architects to swindle a lot of tax money for themselves and endanger the cycling community in the process.


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